Hey we are Checho & Raqui

In Mandarina Voladora we are Checho, Raqui and Mana­, our ’83 T2 Kombi. Here is a bit about us!

Checho (Sergio) was born in Buenos Aires in 1992. He studied architecture, and he was bitten by the travel bug when he started backpacking through Argentina.

Raqui (Raquel) was born in Lisbon in 1995, and two decades later she started studying theatre. Between family trips, exchange programs, and hitchhiking adventures in Europe, she fell in love with traveling as well.

We both met in a hostel in Wroclaw (Poland) in December 2017. We met as travelers, and we chose to live as travelers. After moving together in Argentina, we decided to buy our kombi (Mana­). We turned it into our house with our own hands and a lot of love, and on the 29th February 2020, we headed to the road with no returning date!

An almost impossible day to start a very possible dream.

Our life mission is...

We wouldn't say we have a life mission. After all, we change each day and we never know what will come next. But we do feel like living the kind of life that makes sense to us at each moment - even if that goes a bit out of the box. Right now we want to know places, to know people, to discover beauty throughout the world, to wander and wonder. At this precise moment, we want to go out of the box!

Our best Buslife advice

So far, the most beautiful destination we've been to was Vintter Lake (Lago Vintter) in Chubut, Argentina. It is a huge Patagonian lake, shared by Chile and Argentina, guarded by the Andes mountains.

There we found a huge flat ground to park our bus, the lake 5 meters far. The green grass hid dozens of wild strawberries, and the lake provided us all the drinkable water we needed (plus a couple of trouts and clean water for VERY cold baths). A small piece of paradise, far from everything, which we hope to be back to one day.

Buslife puts us in the place of continuous novelty, and we believe that is the biggest advantage of any nomadic form of life. In a mortar and brick house, we tend to close ourselves and even fear the exterior, the outside world beyond our walls. While living in a bus, the world is our garden. Each day we meet new landscapes, neighbors, weather, colors, flavors, activities, people... We discover the beauty of diversity, and that is great.

Hum, there are so many great evening plans! We can be outside close to a nice fire and/or looking at the stars, playing guitar, reading (separately or together), playing chess or cards, watching a movie on our pc, cooking and eating a good meal, having some private romantic time, or simply sleeping early after a tiring day. Boredom is never a problem!

This won't keep your budget alone, but it is a good tip: recycled fruit, vegetables, and bread! We use to ask the salespeople if there is anything "ugly" or "old" that can be offered or sold at a cheaper price. A good deal to everyone!

We are fans of natural soap, solid shampoo, homemade deodorant and toothpaste, and natural cleaning products when possible. This way we avoid the use of plastic bottles, as well as chemical, non-biodegradable, and toxic products. We also take our fabric bags to the grocery shops, and we try to recycle the plastic bags we accumulate. The "ecologicalization" of our trip is a work in progress, though, and we hope to continually find new greener alternatives and practices!

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