Hey I'm Carol

I’m currently traveling around Australia in my 1976 VW Bus. Why the name @outback_kombi? The outback is a term used to describe the vast, remote interior of Australia and it was the inspiration for my travels. 

My original trip was to visit Uluru (Ayers Rock) located in the red center of Australia. I loved the trip so much that I decided to continue my adventure! Since then I have driven 12,000 km (~7400 Miles), approximately halfway through my journey.

My life mission is...

To wake up every morning and be excited about life because I know today will be full of new adventures, people, places, and memories that will last a lifetime. 

My best Buslife advice

Buslife is a lifestyle of freedom and simplicity, a chance to slow down and take time to enjoy the journey.

My favorite location must be Broome, which is a little pearling town in the remote, rugged North West. With warm temperatures, blue seas and stunning scenery Broome has a relaxing tropical vibe that can’t be matched. There’s a local saying “Slip into Broome time” which means living in a constant state of slow-paced relaxation. I’ve been lucky enough to live and work in Broome, and I keep finding myself returning there.

It can be challenging reducing the among of gear you want to take compared to what will fit in your Kombi, but on the upside living a simple, minimalist lifestyle is liberating.

I always love having everything I need with me, just park, pop the top and relax. VW Buses are so eye-catching and approachable, people always seem to come over for a chat or have their own story about a VW Bus, so I really enjoy how happy this little bus makes other people.

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