Hey we are Nico, Lola & Bahía

We are from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but now we are living in the mountains of Cordoba with our 5 months old baby girl Bahía. Dora is our 1981 VW Bus with which we traveled the continent for 5 years. We went from Buenos Aires to Alaska and went down to Ushuaia, all by land, joining the two tips of America.

In Patagonia, we adopted our kitten Ripio (south of Chile) who travels with us in the VW Bus. Kombi Pal Norte was born from our desire to travel, know and learn. After a 15-day vacation in Peru, we decided that we did not want to spend our lives in an office yearning for the time when the holidays arrived. That’s how we decided to give up our comfortable jobs, get a bus and launch ourselves into this adventure.

Our life mission is...

We travel because we want to wake up and go to bed at different places every day. Simply put, we want to know, go, share, learn. We want to meet people we would never have met in Buenos Aires. We do not want to cross over the street in a hurry. Generally, we do not want to do what you "should" do. We want to change our lifestyle, to explore new streets, feel new smells, try new tastes. We want to leave a mark and let others leave a mark on us.

Our best Buslife advice

Actually, we do not have a preferred destination, we enjoy every corner of our continent and every experience we have. Places will always be places, but what really makes a trip is the people we know.

Buslife stands for total freedom. It means traveling with your house in tow, which gives us more comfort and security. We always have our place to sleep and eat. We wouldn't trade it for anything.

Freedom, no schedules, work & travel, nice people, multiculturalism, extensive menu, anecdotes, surprise, new experiences, and simplicity.

We choose to travel in a VW Bus for several reasons: it has enough space to build a house inside but it is not so big or uncomfortable to drive. You can quietly enter any city and it is easy to repair. You get spare parts everywhere, plus it has a lot of fan groups. In addition, we discovered that she has a special charisma and where we go people look at her, smile, come closer. It's magic.

Be encouraged to go out, don't wait to have everything resolved, let yourself be surprised along the way! Engage the first gear and get out!

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