Hey I'm Nicole

I love spending time outdoors, particularly in and around the ocean. A friend I met surfing invited me on a surf trip that happened to be in a 1978 VW Bus. Despite all the hiccups, I realized that what I liked was the community, conversations, stories, and unique adventure that traveling in the slow lane could bring. So, I saved up and kept my eye out for a bus.

It”s crazy to think how the bus that was drag raced became my primary vehicle that I use as both an adventure mobile to live out of and a daily driver. I spent two years slowly restoring it and saving up at a corporate job. Now my next goal is to build up my wedding, elopement and couples photography at national parks and coastal areas throughout the US while also continuing the dream of surf photography and ocean art.

My life mission is...

I just want to be a part of making someone’s day. You never know what someone is going through, and being kind and authentic are two things I hope will make a difference. I get over the moon excited to tell people’s stories; so, I’m excited to hear life stories and capture little moments that bring joy to others.

My best Buslife advice

I'm not sure why, but I constantly burn fuses and they don't always have the right ones at shops on the road. So, I recommend that you have fuses. I'd also recommend that you keep your oil of choice handy so that if it runs low or burns you're all good. The third recommendation is magnet clips for your curtains. They are probably the best $3 investment I've made; it works to hold up your curtains and prevent folks from seeing past the curtain when spaced well.

I absolutely loved camping at Big Bend National Park. There is just something so refreshing about packing in your groceries, getting off the grid, and being in awe of the beauty that surrounds you. The raw and open terrain and riding down hills around the park in neutral was so much fun.

Join a gym or find apps to use showers. After hiking and exploring, deodorant can not mask the stench. It is really refreshing to plan out showers at national park campgrounds, gyms, and the like.

I read, edit photos, and plan out hopes, dreams, and things to do. I'll either soak in the wifi or disconnect with reading and writing. Often, after a day on the road, I'm pretty beat and ready to sleep. If I'm near a gym, night workouts are great because I can shower and go to bed refreshed. If I'm in a community, a bonfire or cookout goes without saying. I've also spent my fair share of times in cafes and grocery store eating areas for the wifi.

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