Hey we are Simona & Cosmin

We have had our VW Bus since 2018. We completely restored it with our own hands. This bus made our relationship stronger and we discovered many pleasures and activities we could do together using our bus.

We traveled through many parts of Romania, we even went to Serbia and Hungary with it. We have slept in it a lot especially, during the summer and on longer trips. This winter we tried the most beautiful experience with it. We decided to sleep in it, although the snow exceeded 10cm, of course using auxiliary heating.

Unfortunately, we had an accident with our beloved VW Bus on the highway. A minibus got behind us and we were overturned. Fortunately, we are well, healthy and we are already thinking about the next bus, even if in our heart this was everything for us. We will miss it very much! so many years invested in it, feelings, happiness, and upsets. 

Our life mission is...

We plan to recondition a new VW Bus exactly like this one in his memory and travel even more with it. We plan to travel to Greece next summer and go to one of the biggest bus meetings (Balkan Bus Meeting 2022).

We've been to the last 2 editions and they were super cool. We even organized a bus meeting in Sibiu this summer where over 30 buses from Romania gathered. Our plan was to keep wild camping for as long as possible, because that's what we like the most.

Our wish is to organize the 2nd edition next year, where we can gather more buses and have more activities together. We are in love with this community and and we have made a lot of friends who, in our opinion, will be friends for life.

Our best Buslife advice

Wherever there is a lake (because we like to have activity during the day, for example SUP, swimming, boating), bike trails or nature to explore on foot. In Romania we have beautiful lakes and nature to explore such as: Vidraru, Cincis, Zetea, Colibita, Doaga, etc.

1. Tool kit and parts of all kinds for repairing the bus is the most important because you don't know where and when it can go wrong.

2. The flashlight to have the light in case we go out at night or something breaks at night.

3. Fridge (or freezer) to preserve food.

Most of the time, in the evening we make a small fire, we talk, play all kinds of games, watch movies or make friends with everyone around us and talk with them.

Our relationship has become stronger by traveling with our bus because we do many activities together, we have learned to help each other and live more minimalist.

The most important thing is to choose a place while there is still light. We got caught in the evening, we also had problems on the bus and we had to spend the night on the side of the road, which is not very pleasant. Usually, we choose a place in nature. If there is an river it's even better. We use the park4night app to find beautiful places around the location where we go. In our opinion, it is the most useful application for such a thing. This helped us many times.

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