Hey I'm Nasir

I am a retired HR professional from Pakistan but have lived and traveled extensively around the globe (not in a bus, unfortunately). VW Buses are a rare commodity in Pakistan and campers are even rarer. I found Bella who started her life as an ambulance. I restored her and converted her to a camper using original (used) Westfalia parts.

She has been my companion and choice whenever I hit the road for leisure. I do some work myself but leave the backbreaking jobs to the experts. I love hiking and Bella is a great companion taking me places and waiting patiently for my return. 

My life mission is...

To live and let live. Help those less fortunate than me…or even more fortunate who could use my help. My name Nasir literally translated from Arabic means “one who helps”. I Co-founded the Volkswagen Club of Pakistan in 1999 to serve the VW enthusiasts locally and those passing through (overlanders).

My best Buslife advice

I make it a point to walk around the area that I select to familiarize myself. Survey the exit routes and park nose out so I can leave quickly if situation demands. A personal preference is to park close to flowing water... Nothing like the sound of water to put you to sleep (beats counting sheep any day!).

Deosai Plains in Gilgit Baltistan and the Kalash Valley in Chitral Both places in Pakistan.

I try and minimize garbage and carry all except organic waste back to the city or where it can be recycled or disposed of properly. I have stainless steel crockery and cutlery which is easy to clean and does not break.

I work online and save.

As a rule I download all pictures and videos of the day first thing when I call it a day. It also gives me an action replay of sorts. Stargazing is another great way to relax and think clearly (it works for me). I always try and carry a couple of books, if possible, something related to the place I am visiting.

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