Hey I'm Daniele!

I started traveling in tents with the motorbike, my first passion for motors. I have almost visited all of France and many less accessible places in the Alps.

I try to do work and travel well without losing the essence of either.

In the tent and with the motorbike I had what I wanted, but with few comforts. Just the right amount of food for the trip, a plate, and a cup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have not stopped traveling by motorbike, but with the VW Bus it is another way to travel. It really conveys peace and tranquility. It would be an honor to share my travels with you!

My life mission is...

To visit Iceland and Africa with my T3 and make a real motor vehicle that can last as long as possible in this world of electric and hybrid!

Our best Buslife advice

Drunk or malicious people when I'm parking up in some places.

Home is where you park it. The world is therefore home.

Using the app Park4night. I have also created many new spots and contributed them to the app.

Waving my hand out of the window!

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