Hey I'm Marcello!

Before it all, let me introduce you me dear 53 year old friend Sicilia (Sicily, named after the southern Italian island). She is a 1969 vintage VW kombi, which I’ve been refurbishing since 2019. My name is Marcello, which sounds like limoncello, main inspiration to Sicilias name by the way.

I’m 23, work with content creation and digital marketing, and I also own (and run) a familiar bistro (named after Sicilia) called Limone  (@limone.gastrobar). Me and Sici­lia have been working on @ildolcelimone (IG temporarily deactivated) for last 4 years, as she is getting prepared the hit the road.

This crazy, citric and somehow nostalgic idea came from passions that from a first sight couldn’t belong together, until I decided to fit them all inside a vintage home-equipped VW Bus (check the pictures).

Il Dolce Limone has become a lifestyle, a way of expressing my personal aspirations and a creating a storytelling about my passions and the experiences I might have through knowing new people and places! Of course, sharing all this and creating a collective way living.

My life mission is...

To help and create a more collective way of living, of my community and the ones I get to know on the way. To ride spreading love and kindness, helping while getting to know new people, places and realities.

Our best Buslife advice

This is one very difficult but I might highlight Italy (mainly the southern region) the beaches and the cliffs. Also a coastal natural preserve shore called Cabo Polonio, in Uruguay is such a special and energetic place.

Be ready for lots of new knowing and also patience (needed) through the process: it takes time, money, and choices, but it's all worth it!

To live a life with constant new horizons. To belong everywhere. Having a life of new experiences, of sharing and exchanging with others.

Getting to know locals, ask for recommendations in RV parkings, restaurants, gas stations and making new friends on the way (also using Couchsurfing).

It's front, the lights being it's eyes and the bumper being it's smile!

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