Hey we are Katherine & Anthony!

We are Katherine (Mexican girl, from Michoacan) and Anthony (French guy, from Normandy), two teachers and Buslifers traveling all around the world, especially with our Combis!

Together we founded the educational project called EduCarT. With this project, we traveled for one year in Latin America between 2017 and 2018, Mexico to Argentina, with our first 1975 VW Combi from Mexico nicknamed “La Prima”. Together we have traveled 20000 kilometers, discovered 18 countries, and visited 90 schools. And of course, we met lots of VW Bus lovers!!!

Back from travel since 2018, we wanted to continue our initiative by visiting schools in France and Europe before perhaps leaving in a few years for a new great adventure… But our Combi, “La Prima”, could not pass the French technical inspection because of important bodywork work. So, in 2020, we met a new VW Bus, still from 1975 and still imported from Mexico. We nicknamed him “El Hermano”. Buslife mode can finally start again! And we really hope to go this next summer to Morocco!  

Our life mission is...

In order to meet the children of the world, we set up the EduCarT artistic project "Draw me your life". This initiative allows any child to express themselves on their life, without the language barrier. We also propose a recycling project with a double objective of education for sustainable development and openness to solidarity between peoples. With EduCarT, we wish to transmit a message of openness and tolerance. "On Earth we are all equal, all human. But we are also, culturally, historically or linguistically, all different... This difference is our wealth: we must cultivate it and be proud of it!"

Our best Buslife advice

We really enjoyed traveling in our VW Bus throughout Latin America because this vehicle is still very common there! And every day was a new adventure with beautiful landscapes.

The biggest advantage is to be part of a big family! Traveling in a VW Bus allows you to meet many different people but always having one thing in common: the bus!

The best advice would be to always listen to your bus. Do not neglect the repairs that may be necessary. Always be preventive instead of breaking down!

Most of the time, we use applications like IOverlander or Park4Night. But above all, we have to trust our instincts and talk to the people around us.

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